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Hi Fellas~ 
It had been some time since I updated my blog. Honestly, I didn't go anywhere for the past couple of months. I didn't try any new products as well. That makes it quite hard to update this blog.
Last week, I pulled myself together to attend one or two events so I could socialize a little bit (been an anti-social for a while). 
Here I am....at the 2nd Mizzu Lab at the newest mall in Jakarta, AEON mall 

Met other bloggers as well. And I think I leave blogosphere too long, as I didn't recognize any of them 😕 
Get acquainted with some bloggers that sit next to me though. 

In this event, as the title says. We are going to make our own lipstick/lip cream.
The kit has been provided on the table and we just need to mix one, two or three colors to achieve the color we desired. 

I chose to make anude color that suits for my skin.
I had a hard time finding the suitable nude color for my skin, either the color is too "nude" which made my face appears dead or too orangey or pinkish to my liking. 
So, I thought, I just make it myself, right now!
And here it is..

In the picture, the color is slightly peachier than in real life but both are gorgeous. 
Will take another photo with this lip cream that I made 😃

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