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New Japanese makeup brand is entering Indonesia market ^^. Called Dejavu and I got to try their mascara and eyeliner. 

I have their dejavu lasting fine eyeliner and dejavu fiberwig mascara. Without further ado, let's head to the main review for each product, shall we??

I am more interested with their mascara collection, so the first item I tried is the dejavu fiberwig. 
package with a pretty red tube. love the design, simple yet elegant. 

Btw, this is the first time I am trying slanted mascara wand. Yes, I rarely use mascara so my mascara collection is sooo tiny 👅.

As they named it fiberwig. it suppose to turn into some sorts of fibers in case it smudged so we won't get any panda's eyes. It's waterproof, sweatproof and rub-proof. 
I love how it didn't smudge as I rarely find suitable smudge-proof mascara for my oily eye lids and this one works! #bravo!! 
It doesn't clumping when I applied it for about 2-3 times. But, I didn't see the lengthening effect. 

It says, you can clean it with warm water but I try to clean it with oil eye remover instead and yes, it turns into fiber flakes... 💖 it!

The second item is dejavu lasting fine pencil liner. Compared to mascara, I am more curious with this pencil liner. As you know, I am #teameyeliner instead #teammascara. so yeah...that's explain.

As this is a fine pencil liner, I already imagine it can be used for everyday natural makeup. But, after I tried to swatch it, I am very disappointed with this product 😖

I tried it first on my hand for review purpose, but I find the pencil liner is quite hard and I was like, "okay...may because this is the first time this guy being used, it need a little bit of warmth" and I started to rub it quite quick but still gentle, and the pencil quickly vanished and when I twisted the pencil upwards, it bends 😕. I try to make it straight by rubbing it again against the bend, like how I usually fixed my pencil hahaha, then it broken 😞. Then, I was like...uh? okay it's okay, now the middle should be ready to use. And I swatch it for the second time. 

The color payoff is quite visible but I need to rub it against my hand back and forth for couple of times and quite hard, honestly. 

Top part is my first swatch, rub it and only get my skin become red hahaha *too much rubbing*. The bottow part is the swatch after I drew it for numerous time and the color is a little bit visible (as you can see on the picture above). 
I started to question myself. Is this eyeliner or eyebrow pencil? As I think the way this thing works is more suitable for eyebrow. But, it wasn't and disappointed 😢

I don't know if this eyeliner made the way it is or the product that I got is damaged or something. Anybody tried this eyeliner before? Have you experience the same? ☝

Love, Leonita
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