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Gosh~ I skipped February just like that?! Sorry if you happen to come to my blog on February and didn't see anything new 😓

No other excuse except I am busy. LOL. But I don't know if my life in Feb considered busy or not. I traveled to China for about a week (and here's the vlog 😊) also I started my last semester at my university which is quite time-consuming as I need to go back and forth to meet some lecturers for their signatures to be eligible to make it to the review...and bla...bla...bla. Not to forget I also working as freelancer and I want to maintain my social life as well by going out, gossiping, watching and much resting hahaha. Sounds busy to you? *letting you be the judge :p*

Okay...Track back to the beginning of February, I went to China (Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou) with fellows bloggers (I can say that as they are quite a famous one :p) and this is the first time I experiencing winter *SO EXCITED*. As you might know, I went to Shanghai in 2013 with my university but the experience is quite meh as it was a private tour. I didn't like private-tour as by doing that I won't be able to feel like a local . I love experiencing as a local. I love walking down the street seeing weird man/woman doing their daily chores, how and what they usually live, eat and work, trying out their transportation, that's what I enjoyed the most (besides to do some shopping 😋).

We use Malaysia Airlines from Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur (transit) - Shanghai and return. As for that, our first stop is Shanghai. I will write down our itinerary in every China Trip post as well as review post of our Airbnb apartments we used in China  (click the airbnb banner on my sidebar for $25 off coupon 😍!)  

I didn't take much photo on the first day as we arrived pretty late and quite exhausted. You can watch how we struggle when we arrived as we predict the weather wrongly hahaha. Our predict (by seeing weather forecast app weeks before the flight), the weather will be around 7-10℃ in daytime and around 4-5℃ at night. And reality HITS! when we step outside, it's freaking cold! met our airbnb's owner and he said this is the coldest week as it's their winter peak hahaha *take that!*. He also said "tomorrow will be the coldest, it will around -3℃" and we just "whatt??hahahha" 

Overall, I am liking winter very much. I've always been more comfortable when the air-con is freezing in Jakarta. You probably know, that some of my acnes always acting up if the weather is too hot. So this kind of weather is quite comfy for me. But, I must say the wind is quite the experience, I can bear it but it a little too cold for me. My body is liking the 5-6℃ (without the wind) as I can take off this bulky coat...

Our airbnb's owner taking us to nearby Shao Kao restaurant (Shao Kao means BBQ in Chinese) and the foods are delicious. He paid the bill and we are truly grateful for that 😙 *Thanks!* Sorry I didn't notice the restaurant name, too much fun that night hahaha

Just look at this bunch of foods. The shao kao keeps coming as well as our beers...quite an exciting moment to start our China trip 💖

The next day we took high speed train too Suzhou (only took 23 minutes from Shanghai) cost around 34.5 CNY (Rp 55.200, currency: 1 CNY= Rp 1.600).

We went strolling around near our airbnb apartment to get some lunch and then strolling around downtown Suzhou (will be in Vlog part #2)

Shanghai airbnb apartment (here and here): sign up here to get $25 discount.
We only booked 1 room (upstairs room) but Hebin is kindly open another room downstair for us as the shower upstair is broken and that's why it looks so huge on Vlog. 
In conclusion, we got 2 apartments room without any additional cost and $25 discount from airbnb 😆
Total cost for that is around Rp 950.000/night. Now, you know how affordable this China trip travel expenses are hehehe.

See you on my next post!!

Love, Leonita
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