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I use contact lenses everyday, from morning till night (mostly till dawn :p). Not because it makes my eyes bigger or anything, using contact lenses is necessity. 

My myopia is quite heavy, -4.50D, both eyes. I can't wear glasses too as it makes me dizzy and the corner of my ears get blisters easily. Contact lenses are my only option to help me see clearly. 
I've been using contact lenses for years (nearly 11 years). But, I only tried several contact lenses and this one is my eye savior! You guess it right! I have sensitive eyes too.
So, I tried 3 brands before A+, X2 and O2. 
But, only O2 (which later changed to O2 Brilliant) suits me.
I had a hard time when using A+ and X2 (I forgot which type I tried, it almost 10 years ago) because whenever I move my pupil, I feel something is also moving and it gently rubbing my sclera (white part of our eyes) and I feel itchy. Also, my eyes become dry and tired if I wear it from day to night. 
The only contact lenses that work for me is this O2 brilliant

I don't really care about the design as I am wearing contact lenses to help my nearsightedness, what I am looking for are comfortable, eye-friendly and last long for everyday use. 
What I like about this O2 Brilliant is I don't feel like wearing anything. It doesn't make my eyes dry, I don't need to carry contact lenses solution (I never carry this thing) and it last from day to night.

It's quite cheap too around Rp 75.000/box and this is 6 months contact lenses. Of course, it is safe and approved by Depkes RI. 
I believe the are many contact lenses which also comfortable as well but the price won't suit me. I can't spend 100K above for contact lenses that I must wear, not using contact lens is not an option for me. What if, one day I can't afford it? I can't do anything without my contact lenses. 

Btw, people often curious how nearsighted see things without glasses/contact lenses.
this is how a person with -4.50D eyes see things ^^

They have brown, blue, gray and green color. I usually buy brown, gray and sometimes blue. I tend to choose natural color as this is for everyday use.

The diameter of the contact lenses is only 14.2mm, normal size but it does make my eyes appear bigger than my actual eyes. I think all contact lens has that effect.

Above pictures, I am using their gray color.

In this picture, I am using brown contact lenses.

So, if you ask me, contact lenses recommendation for everyday use, this is it! I never try contact lenses for fashion purposes (like make eyes looks bigger and such) as usually they only can be wear for several hours and that's not contact lenses I am looking for. I am more to everyday uses and to help me with my nearsighted eyes :) 

I bought this contact lens in optic store at ITC Mangga Dua, Corona Optic or Pasar Baru at the new building which also sells beauty supplies, sorry I forget the name but it's on the ground floor. Remember always buy contact lenses in an optic store or trusted seller ^^

Love, Leonita

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