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Tokyo Belle natural DXeyelash extension

For many years I have doubt to try eyelash extension. My mom used to do this treatment regularly at local salon years ago and so was Yushi. 
Back then, I have zero interest to try it because I think it looks un-natural. When Yushi try another eyelash extension at Japan and tell me it looks and feels natural, I get tempted :p
So, when Kawaii Beauty Japan has an offer to choose between IPL and eyelash extension that will be done by Tokyo Belle, I bravely chose eyelash extension ^^ 
(well, I chose IPL at first but after Yushi encouraging me that Japanese eyelash extension is much much better than the place my mom and her use to visited, I changed it to eyelash extension hehehe)

tokyo belle panglima polim

I don't need to tell you that Tokyo Belle is a Japanese beauty salon. I mean, just look at the name hahaha
I visited their Panglima Polim salon at Jalan Panglima Polim Raya No.86 (3rd floor), Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
on the first floor is Family Mart, so if you get lost, just ask people around where Family Mart is...

tokyo belle panglima polim waiting room is very spacious and clean

Panglima Polim salon is their main office so it is the biggest salon than the one at Pacific Place and Kemang Village.

When I first arrived, the staffs welcoming me calmly. After I told them my name (oh! we have to make an appointment first (I did it by phone) so they can prepare their room), I sat on their spacious waiting room and the staff politely explaining to me their eyelash extension's types also with the prices.


After short consultation with the staff and she show me some before-after pictures, I chose Natural DX that will make my lashes lengthen. and I chose C curl lashes that will appear slightly bend but still looks natural.

various type of eyelash extension

I chose Natural DX because my eyes is the type when I use too heavy (fake) eyelash it makes my eyes looks smaller and kinda like sleepy. And as you can see on the picture above, Natural DX makes the eye looks bigger and awake O.O

I choose Natural DX eyelash extension with 10-11mm length

We also can choose how long the eyelashes will be. I still can't decide which one I want, so the staff said she will put one eye with 9-10 mm length and the other with 10-11 mm, so I can see the difference. After she tried it on me, I finally chose 10-11mm length (and yes, she took off the 9-10 mm again :p)

The room is quite spacious and very relaxing.

My eyelash before extension :)

the length is quite long but my eyelashes is very straight T__T

This is when the staff put 9-10mm length to my left eye and 10-11 mm to my right eye, so I can see the difference. She REALLY glued it just to show me the different. At first, I think she will just show me the length of the eyelashes before we start the treatment. And again, yes, after I chose the 10-11 mm, she patiently remove it and start from the beginning again!

comparison between natural dx with 9-10mm length and 10-11mm lenght at Tokyo Belle salon

Tokyo Belle eyelash extension is glued by one by one with 2 mm gap from the real eyelashes. This method is the most effective to lengthen eyelash and shows the beautiful feature of your eyes while still look so natural. 

I know you are so curious about the result, right....?

at tokyo belle the lashes is glued one by one patiently and it took about 1 - 1,5 hours

my eyelashes looks very natural after getting eyelash extension by tokyo belle in Panglima Polim, blogger review

it looks very natural and I can't see the difference between my real lashes and the fake lashes, beauty blogger review

I really like the eyelashes because I can see the difference which one is my real eyelashes are and it is super neat. It took 1,5 hours and I overslept twice because I don't feel anything (and also please blame the silent relaxing room :p). I also don't feel like there's anything on my eyelashes. You know, when you use fake eyelashes, your eyes suddenly feel heavier? I don't feel it with this eyelash extension.
But, I my eyes feel kinda tired after I wake up in the morning but still bearable, maybe because my eyes suddenly confuse why it has to bear so many eyelashes suddenly?! hahahaha
I also still use contact lens because I have minus eyes and the lashes don't come off because of that.
For maintenance, My eyes area have to stay away from water as much as I can. Don't worry, if the lashes get wet, nothing will happen but I find when the lashes got wet, my eyes kinda sting a bit. So, when I am washing my face, I always carefully avoid eyes' area.

And if you interest with their service, I give you a sneak peek of their May Special Promotion *OvO*

Tokyo Belle:
Facebook : Tokyo Belle Indonesia
Website: www.tokyo-belle.com

If you have any questions feel free to comment on the comment box down below or my social medias :D

Love, Leonita
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