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I can't believe June is over.
Time flies so fast !
Actually, I give my body a break by having a holiday.

I traveled to East Java for 12 days... 
This post contains lots of photos !!

I landed at Surabaya and mostly I stayed there...
first, let me take you to the famous Kebun Binatang Surabaya ( Surabaya Zoo ).
I must say I feel so sad seeing the condition of the animals.

I arrived at probably 12 o'clock what I noticed at first is the zebras, deers and giraffes cage. I was huge but something is weird, there's only one giraffe in that huge cage, after circling the entire zoo, all cage look the same, huge cage but small colony of animals.

At the Sumatra tiger, there's only one tiger per cage, and this is my first time I ever hear a tiger roaring. they keep roaring and roaring and circling their cage.

Hey zookeeper, where's my food ??? "AAAAUUUUU"
 It's already 2 o'clock where I heard tiger roaring again, and I took time to visit them again. 
my thought was , has this tiger eat yet ? I came in here at 12 o'clock and no food in the cage, from what I see and I came back again at 2 o'clock because the tigers keep roaring and still I see no food. 
Well, maybe the zookeepers already gave them, no judge-ing in here though :)
But still, I feel so sad to look at these animals, honestly, my tears almost drop when I see them roaring "AAAUUU" <--- that's how they roaring, not like in the TV I use to watched .lol

huh? what's wrong ?

Beside the tigers cage, it's the sun bear cage, even the bear woke up from its sleep because of the tigers.lol
There's only 3 or maybe 4 bears I seen, they are taking their afternoon nap.

Salt water fish tank, which most of it are empty and the hall is quite dark 

The very first time I see komodos :)

By the way, this post doesn't mean to make the zoo looks horrible or so whatever, I just write from what I see. My hope for this zoo is I wish they will treat the animals nicer than before :)
Of course you all should visit this zoo, to support them maintaining the zoo. 
I wish I can back to this zoo again when I have enough money, I really want to donate some *fingercrossed*

not to forget took a photo with Surabaya icon
Suro = Shark
Boyo = Crocodile

Next, I went to Batu city near Malang
it's like Puncak if we are in Jakarta

I get a chance to visited BNS ( Batu Night Spectacular )

I'm sorry I just took a few photos, this BNS is open at night , 4 o'clock as I remember and close at 3 in the morning. Oh, BNS is a night theme park. So, for you who can't sleep at night and want to have fun, you can visit BNS ^0^

getting ready to play go kart at BNS
2 laps for 30.000 rupiah 

In the morning before I went to BNS, I went to Coban Rondo waterfall. The driver said not so many tourist know this place, just the locals. 
So here you go, I really recommended you to visit this waterfall.

All natural. you can spot some monkeys playing at the pathway and they don't disturb as at all.

My little brother looks so happy, getting wet because of the waterfall.

On the other day, I went to Sidoarjo
I really want to see a real temple. So I found TWO at sidoarjo hahahaha so happy me.
And I can go inside the temple freely.

Candi Pare ( Pare temple )
local tourism

Taken from inside the temple
About 50m from Pare temple, you can visit Sumur (well ) temple

I love staying inside Pare temple, it's so peaceful and not hot at all, the temperature inside is pretty cool, but my mom keep saying she feels really hot. hmm, this place is quite sacred said the caretaker, so when you visit the temples , do behave.

Back to Surabaya, I visit a 4 faces of Budha in Kenjeran at Kenjeran beach.


excuse my nude face~ 

Last, I visited Gresik for a while , just for a couple hours and tried their signature dish ( makanan khas ) , correct me if I wrong with the english translation hahhaha

Nasi Krawu ( Krawu rice ) 

I think this krawu rice only can be found in Gresik, because I never found one in Jakarta. If you know place selling this krawu rice in Jakarta, please tell me... 
This krawu rice is so delish ! 100% recommended

In Surabaya, I ate at Porong Wei, my friend recommend this restaurant, so I gave it a try :)

Fish with 8 sauces

Ote - ote signature dish at Porong .

I think that's all for now...it's already so long. I hope you don't get bored :)

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