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Do you miss my acne review ? 
Praventac Indonesia gave me their Praventac & Ag - Factor to help me fighting with my acne.
These medicine don't just reducing my face acne but... for my whole body ( also with brightening effect ).
If you surfing the internet everyday ( just like me ) you will noticed that Praventac ads is regularly appeared on our facebook home. 

Praventac is a natural food supplement that has been shown in clinical trials to help reduce the number and severity of acne, pimples and blemishes. 

It works in two ways.
It inhibits the growth of the propionibacterium (which is responsible for acne ) , lessening the number of new spots forming.
Its anti inflammatory properties mean that the size of spots is reduced and blemishes heal quicker resulting in a smoother complexion.

Ingredients :
A bioactive protein complex rich in bovine Lactoferrin ( a milk protein )
Pomegranate extract
Grape extract powder
Mangosteen extract ( well, now I remember this sensational "sekarang mangis ada ekstraknya lohh..." lol )

all of the ingredients are natural.

I took 2 capsules each day as directed ( but sometimes I forgot to take it *sorry* )

To differentiate between praventac & ag-factor, I look at the colour of the capsules.
Praventac has a gold yellowish colour which reminds me of acne... so this thing will helps me to cure my acne :p
I like that it helps reducing my acne, well, it takes some times until I can see the difference.
But after I forgot to took it for a couple days, my acne just stayed like that. so there's no side effect like after I stop using it then the acne will starting to grow furiously.

Ag - Factor is also as same as praventac but.. Ag Factor is the one that make my face brighten 
It contains whey protein hydrolysate ( a milk protein ) which is good for our body 
it's kinda hard for me to explain about Ag - Factor but in my opinion this capsules is kinda like multi-vitamin ? because it helps a lot . from brightening, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, etc.

Kinda too good to be true, right ? hahaha

Ag Factor capsules are white. 
Well for me, Ag Factor really helps me brighten my dull skin because of the acne.
I can tell from my dark spots on my back and chest it's starting to fading.
This making my face ( and body ) looks , I don't know like "emptier" hahaha
because all this time, my face and body are so full, full of acne and dark spots, it's kinda crowded in there.

 taking Praventac & Ag - Factor ( well... to be honest, I already eat them for 4 days when I took this photos >.< , but still, I can't feel any difference from day 1 - 4 , except my skin a little bit looks brighter )

I took this photo yesterday. still have some blackheads & whiteheads and you can tell pimples are there. but I slowly notice the difference.

I took both capsules for half a month right now. Well one bottle is a month supply so I still have a half of it. ( contains 60 capsules )
They said that it takes a while until you have a clear and smooth skin ( can I bring back my baby's butt like skin ?? :p ) , because they use natural ingredients so, yeah... it takes time.

Conclusion :
# Natural Ingredients
# Quite expensive ( but if its works wonderfully, it will be worth every penny :D )
# Reduces blemishes ( Praventac )
# Brighten the skin ( Ag - Factor )
# For Acne Prone skin 
# Reducing bacne ( back acne )
# Reducing dark spots 

Love, Leonita
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