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Still remember that I promised to review Glamglow thirstymud ? Here we go ~
As you know ( I blogged about Glamglow thirstymud launching event a while back, do scrolling :p ) and this post is the details of the product 

Glamglow Thirshtmud Hydrating Treatment for hydrating, moisturising, replenishing, calming, reparing, and regenerating your skin.

The point is this product will make your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin = glowing healthy skin *uh-yeah*

When I opened the sachet and seeing the texture, I thought it contains scrub on it because of the colour but when I applied it on my face ( and neck ) , I was wrong! no scrub at all just a gel-ly cream texture.
it has a coconut scent and you will noticed it as soon as you open the packaging. well, the coconut is kinda the main ingredient of this product though.

when I applied it, I feel a cooling sensation and some tingling on around my nose but still bareable.
and the cooling sensation is still there even after I washed my face. Ahh... feel so refresh~

After I took of my make-up and washing my face, so all the dirt are gone.

Even though the colour of the mask like caramel but when applied on face it becomes clear.

Jjang~ my face feels so fresh.

Conclusion :
# Has cooling sensation
# Feeling refresh after using the mask
# The lightest product from Glamglow
# Suitable for every skin types ( because the main purpose to hydrating the skin )
# Has tingling sensation 

Love, Leonita
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