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Last week, I went to Glamglow's studio at Plaza Indonesia.
This is my first time visited their store and really excited to try their products.
They are launching Thirstymud hydrating treatment
This mask suitable for every skin types

Thirstymud is the right choice for you ( and me ) . This mask provides you instant result.
It hydrate, moisture, restore, replenish and calming our skin.
As I mentioned, it suitable for all skin types even for the sensitive skin.
This is the lightest product from Glamglow :)

In the store, you can consult with the beauty advisor which variant suits for your skin. 

Because my lack of beauty regimens, my face starting to breakout again. So, the beauty advisor gave me the Supermud clearing treatment instead the thirstymud.

After using the supermud clearing treatment, most of my acne on the jawline calmed down and dried.

Actually, I haven't tried the thirstymud by myself but they gave me some to let me use at home.
Will post about it later :)

Thank you Glamglow for having me....

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