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This fake nails already arrived at my house about 4 months ago, but I was so busy all the time -_-
Sorry I just posted it now... 
anyway, this fake nails are from Born Pretty Store 

Well, Born Pretty Store fake nails didn't have any decorations at all. I ordered 24pcs Electroplating Gold Colour False Nail Full Tips in gold colour.
Then, I've got an idea ! How about I do a little DIY with these fake nails.
I'm not a patient person when it comes to doing tiny details. 

And....tadddaa.... this is the result hahaha
Well, my favourite design is the one that has silver shells and tiny little dots all over the nail. 
for my pinky fingers, I just use the plain gold fake nails.

Well, I got some compliments with this fake nails because it's so edgy.... yeaahh~
(feeling like a rocker)

I like the quality of the fake nails, it sturdy enough and the gold colour looks really bold. 
People noticing my fingers almost immediately.

What I like having a plain fake nails is I can do a DIY like above or if I lazy enough to do something with nails , I just simply stick it off and voila...perfect nails

If you also want to have the same nails like me, you can use BBB10K31 for 10% off , special for my lovely readers  \\^^\\

Love, Leonita
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