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Starting December with a fashion post !
As I promise, I'll do more fashion post. I made a small trip to China early November.
I've been super busy after came back here, and I have to abandon this blog for a while...
I have tons of review that I promise to review but I can't :( . School project and personal life have been very cruel to me.lol

Do you know which city I traveled to ?
The answer is in the picture.... 

The Bund is such a beautiful place. the only downside is after seeing the buildings, makes me really want to go to the Europe even more. 

Went up with mixing some pattern altogether.

Pictures from my last day visiting this city (and country) before flew back to this hot country.
I missed the breezy coldy weather there, it was nearly winter so the weather is just starting to get cold.

Try to always have this kind of pose when visiting new country :D

Shirt : Borrowed from a friend because run out of clothes.lol
Checkered Jacket : Japan 
Dots Sling Bag : Unbranded
Dotsy shorts : Uniqlo
Tattoo Legging : Forever21
Yellow Sunglasses : Cotton On
Leopard Scarf : Unbranded
Heels : Charles & Keith

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