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Hello… hello !
I’m back with the continuation of MK3 Hot Ice hair serum.
In this post, I will teach you how to use it and showing you the result after using this serum.

First, you have to freeze the serum

Heat it with your hands

Break the neck of the bottle, be careful because the bottle is made of glass

Put the serum onto your palm and apply it to your hair shaft.
Use this serum while your hair still in wet condition

 apply it with tapping motion and rub the hair shaft with both hands.
After you applied to the entire hair shaft, wait about 15 minutes then wash your hair cleanly.
And you will see the result straight away.


Oily hair because I haven’t wash my hair for 2 days *laziness alert*


It gives me a smooth and shiny hair also my hair color looks vibrant, oh and my hair feel so light.
Here’s a little video to show you how smooth it is.

* Read Part I : HERE

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