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I love watching series, I like watching Thailand series recently. The story itself is very similar from one series to the others but what make me enjoy them is the actors/actresses didn't overacting. I used to watch Indonesian series a.k.a sinetron when I was a little kid but nowadays, I don't like sinetron anymore because sometimes the actors are so overacting and the story itself sometimes quiet similar with other country's series. 
Well, I notice that Thailand's makeup is also quite good, not like in sinetron when the girl is poor but the makeup is so full (you know, wearing mascara, the blush on is noticeable,etc) sometimes even wear braces (wth, the girl is poor enough too eat but she still can wear braces?!). ergh, so weird! 
I think this is also the reason why many people like Korean series, because their makeup is so "fit" with the characters.
 After watching Thailand series, I really love the main character makeup. It's so natural, fresh and flawless but not too pale, it's really fit for beach makeup I think. Well, Thailand has a lot of beaches and the weather is pretty hot too, really similar with our country (Indonesia).
Really suit for our daily makeup also, in my opinion!

The actress itself is quiet kind-hearted to show their bare face. Not like in Hollywood, we can see the stars bare face thanks to the paparazzi, the Thailand's actress posted their bare face by their own to instagram.lol.

I think too much words now... so let's see what "Sun kiss makeup" look like.

Bare Face (courtesy : Urassaya's instagram)
she's already pretty without makeup.lol. 

UrassayaFamily Facebook 

Bare face (courtesy : Margie Rasri's instagram)

Makeup face (Margie Rasri) (courtesy : Margie Rasri's instagram)
Well, many Thai actresses are mixed blood, so their face already unique from the start (quite envy >.<)

I notice that they separate the blush on almost like the entire cheek. I think that make the face look fresh just like after you went to the beach! 
They also wear thin eyeliner on upper and bottom but still keep it minimal. For lips they always using matte colors, I barely saw their lips glossy. They also like the natural brows. not to straight like Korean brows but also not too arch.

Did you know? back in years ago (I was in elementary school back then and now I'm in college), in sinetron, the protagonist actress wearing minimal makeup so it really suit with the character.

See? am I correct? 
what's your opinion about Thailand's makeup? 

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