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(courtesy : hope-inablog.com)
Has anyone ever heard about this new cosmetic? or maybe Jung Saem Mool?
This cosmetics has been on my wishlist for about half a year!

Jung Saem Mool is top Korean makeup artist, she works with top Korean artists such as BoA, Lee Hyori, Kim Tae Hee and many more.
She have her own makeup line now. It's called MULE (Make Your Own Rule).
The first time I saw the products (by photos), I fall in love with it immediately!
The packaging so elegant and unique too! I can't explain how unique it is by words but you'll find it's uniqueness directly after see the products!

And these are products that I wish I'll have it one day!!

Glowing powder to keep base make up long hours
Mineral powder and British water mixture fixing powder
Non-dull looking, gives bright and glowing look
Powdery texture with non-stick soft skin look
Finger print shape puff improves the application
Fine pearl give long lasting moisture 

 Love the sponge....

Brush (courtesy : http://www.ourwonderlust.com/)
Skin Brush (Artist Curve Brush)
Fine fur fills pores while applying
Easy grab handle for perfect application even on small areas

Vital puff (Artist Curve Puff)
High application and coverage volume cheek balm puff
Easy for beginners to use

Unique tools!!

Artist Natural Founcealer (courtesy : http://hope-inablog.com)

I love the packaging! and this is my most wanted foundcealer right now!
let me show you the interesting part of this product 
Artist Natural Founcealer (courtesy : http://hope-inablog.com)
 See! so unique right?!
and the brushes are so ergonomic in my opinion. You don't have to hold up your hand when using the brush.
Sadly, the prices are quite expensive. Maybe if I went to Korea by my own, I'll buy this products.lol.
Speaking of the Jung Saem Mool, she has her own youtube channel! So we can learn how she put makeup on Kim Tae Hee (on her channel there's no artist at all. she substituted it with models) or Kim Yuna, etc. 
Really want this products! Would anyone give me the whole package for christmas present? I'll be very trilled ! 


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