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Here's my second award. Yipie! Thanks to Beauty Chic.
Well, I just received this award (about 5 minutes ago) and reason why I make a post 5 minutes later it's because I can't sleep T_T . I'm lazy to do my homework so I have nothing to do. I also don't have anything to be review because of my "eye irritation" . And I really really want to write something on my blog. 

At first I don't know what LIEBSTER mean, then as always, I ask Mr.Google. Liebster means dearest in German. Aha, it's Germany! 

 As usual, there are some rules if we get an award, here they are :
1. When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his/her blog in your blog post.
2. Post 11 things about yourself
3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who tagged you
4. Choose 11 inspiring bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers, and link their pages in your post
5. Create 11 questions for them to answer
I add one more rule just for me! 6. Post your post link to comment box below (for 11 inspiring bloggers that I tagged)

First rule? checked.

11 things about myself : (let's see if I can make this interesting )
1. I'm learning to speak Thai language now! Sawat dee ka? sabai de mai ka? lol. I always love learning new language!
2. I can speak Indonesian, English, Mandarin, a little bit Korean (because I watch Kdramas a lot!) and Thai (still learning) . Well, the most fluent are Indonesian and English for sure. 
3. Even I'm studying architecture, I can't draw! at all....

4. I never have PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). no pain. no moody. none of them, as free as usual *yeay*

5. I still confuse what my face shape is. (anyone can help me?? )

6. I can sing and dance (psst, not just modern dance, I also can dance traditionally :p )

7. I love watching series A LOT! I watch series everyday...

8. I love eating and traveling

9. I wish I can get my own apartment

10. I can't ride motorcycle but I can ride bicycle   

11. I can cook but I can't bake

Eleven questions from the person who tagged me, which is Maya from Beauty Chic

What is your favorite international brand? why? 
For FASHION, I like Zara because they offer me (us) many fashionable items and this brand is not expensive then other brands. I like Mango too, but it's too expensive. btw, I can't afford both of them rite now *miss my old time life*
For BEAUTY, I like Neutrogena currently. It's works pretty great on me and the price is so affordable!
I like Bare Minerals if it's come to makeup.

What is your favorite local brand? why?
hmm, it's quite hard, because I rarely use local brands ( sorry my country T.T )
I want to say Vaseline at first then I realize it's an international brand! then I'm thinking of clean&clear, again, it's an international brand. Sorry I don't have any now.

Are you a Kpop lover? Is there anything you that you dislike about them?
I can't say I'm a hater nor lover, I just like their series because it's fun to watch and I like some of their songs too, but I don't give to much attention with their boy/girlbands. I'm the neutral one. What I dislike is their skin! how can they get that flawless skin if they (the actresses) have to wear makeups almost everyday!? lol.

In your opinion, what's makeup? and why you wear it?
Makeup is like painting your face, painting is always to make something more beautiful, so makeup is a way to make you more beautiful and make you confident. I wear makeup because... I want to cover my imperfection.

What's the most important? pretty on the inside or beautiful on the outside? *give me an honest answer*
  Well, I can't say that just being beautiful from the inside is the most important because I believe that what on the outside, there's a part of it which is reflect your inside. It has to be balance, you have to pretty inside and out :D 
Do you want to know how you look like in people sight? why?
I would love too, that way I can know what I should fixed from myself.
If you have one wish, what will you wish for?
 for now, I wish I can get my old life(style) back!

Do you believe that doomsday will come in December 2012? why?
No, I don't believe it. Because I scared of death! that's why I wish vampire really exist :p
Who is your first inspiration to do a makeup? 
I don't have any actually, I like natural and soft makeup, everyone that can make that makeup look is my inspiration :p

If you can live like an actor/es, who would like you like to be?
I think actor/es means celebrities,so... I'm thinking of Paris Hilton.lol. because she's an HEIRESS! being an heiress is better than being a princess I think, because being an heiress still have freedom! I like freedom.

What is the thing that you that you will save if you are having a flood? *except makeup and money*
Well, I can leave my makeup actually, but I can't leave my clothes.lol. It will be more useful than makeup that time. I will save my car. I will save my money, clothes and car! Oh and valuable documents for sure.(most people easily forget of their valuable documents)

11 inspiring bloggers : 
1. Jesslyn ( lynlyne.blogspot.com )
2. Romacchiato ( romacchiato.blogspot.com )
3. Tia ( utotia.blogspot.com )
4. Fweegy ( museswonderland.blogspot.com )
5. Nita (nitarts-makeupstudio.blogspot.com)
6. Nadia ( nadiaaponno.blogspot.com )
7. Docciinkakak (docciinkakak.blogspot.com)
8. Meylisa (pandapavillon.blogspot.com)
9. Gita ( gita-life.blogspot.com )
10.  Yevi (yeving.blogspot.com)
11. Yunita ( winter-yun.blogspot.com )

1.  Please introduce yourself  :)
2. How many languages you can speak? please mention it one by one.
3.  Tell me your most unforgettable moment!
4. What is your dream job?
5. Which one do you prefer, fashion or beauty? please tell me the reason :)
6. One beauty product that you can live without (it can be makeup or skincare)
7. Which country you would like to live?why you want to live in there?
8. Tell me the meaning of your blog's name!
9. What are your hobbies?
10. What you fear the most? why?
11.  What do you hope for yourself for the next 5 years?

For 11 of you, don't forget to drop your "liebster award post" link to comment box, I want to read your answers :) :)


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