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Hey there! it's been a while I haven't post anything. This time is not because I'm busy nor lazy, but it's because I have eye irritation. Yes, I'm using present tense because I'm still suffering now T_T. It almost 4 weeks! the first week is just itchy (a little bit) and at night my eyes got dry, I think it's because my contact lenses and also my life been hectic these days, my school projects, my business and I'm just starting with a new work and blogging (ohh wait!..I don't put blogging as my burden, I blog for fun ^0^ )

Well, all of it now is become hampered. I can't drawing my projects, I can't look at the computer (oftenly) and also I can't go to the office for my new work *sigh*

Okay, I think that's enough for me to whining! What I want to share to you guys is how to treat this irritation. Yup, you have to go to the doctor for good, but I think going to the doctor wasted my time and money. FYI, I visited eye doctor every Saturday in this 3 weeks in a row (3 times with tomorrow appointment) and the bills is quite expensive. I already spent almost IDR 500.000 (include medicines). I know some of you may think it's just a penny but still I feel wasted.

So, what are the (my) symptoms?
1. my eyes color is not white - clear, around my pupil became pinkish (not to red, you just can notice it if you look it precisely) 
our eyes should be white-clear
2.  my eyes veins became visible (it's just like on the photo above, but not too bad like that)
3. my eyes get dry easily. Well, my eyes' type is not sensitive at all (thanks God, at least I still have parts that not too sensitive). I wear contact lens every day and for the entire day (from morning to midnight or sometimes to morning again). because I have myopia and I can't wear glasses, it makes me dizzy and my ears get blisters (even my ears is sensitive T_T )because of the stems. And I don't have to drop any water (at all) into my eyes (some people do it), I just wear in the morning then remove it when I'm about go to sleep at night. I just like nearly forgot that I wear lenses everyday ^^ (omg, I already missed wearing lenses!)
4. On friday (about 2 weeks ago) when I went out to the sun, my eyes were dazzled and it's sting! (if vampire really exist, I'll think that I'm in the middle of my transition to become a vamp.lol) and I still drove my car with my eyes CLOSED... but, just about 50 meters I drove back to my house (back to the shadow *still in vampire obsession mode*) I can't bear it at all. (I already didn't wear my contact lens because my eyes already reddish).
on thursday (before that friday), when I drove back home from my univ, it's almost 4 o'clock, this symptom already appeared, I wore contact lens that time, so I wear my sunglasses (drive with style, it's pretty awkward in Jakarta to drive with sunglasses on).
5. When I went to the doctor, the doctor was lighting my eyes and my eyes felt so dazzled and I saw some fibers and I think that are my veins (you know eyes veins are like fibers)

The doctor said that in my eyes there are like dots in there but I don't see them at all (the doctor used microscope,btw :p )

Well, that are the symptoms. Now, I want to show you how to treat them.

First medicine that my doctor gave me. it's an eye drops. At first meeting with the doctor, she said that it's because of bacteria. Then, I start thinking maybe it's because my contact lenses, I wear my old contact lens way too long that the expired month (I'm the 6 months period) but I already bought a new one when this irritation occurred.
Dropped the water min.5 times (every eye) a day.

 Next meeting, she checked my eyes again, I felt much better that time but she said it still have irritation, the way she speaking is not like "oh it's okay,it's much better time this time" but like this "heck!? it still irritation! so, it's a virus". Then my mom asked her, why? and the doctor said "well, virus is always around, you can get it because the antibody that time maybe weaken so (yeah, you know) "

This is a cream medicine. Aren't you curious how to apply cream in your eyeballs?( O.O <-- )
I will show you then :D (be prepared, it might scary!)

 So you open your eyes, then put the cream just like on the photo. then close your eyes (the eyes will close itself actually). That's it!!
Put the cream minimum twice a day

Before I went to doctor, my dad gave me a Chinese medicine.

 Pills! I can't eat pills...I'm just a newbie in the hard medicine's world T_T

 That's all, if you have eye irritation maybe you could take them! I don't know the medicines that my doc gave me should have the prescription or not but you can ask the pharmacy.

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