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I just bought this item today , I run out of make up remover, before, I used Skin food milk shake point makeup remover. Well, because this is my birthday month and I have a pink membership from etude and for member, I can get 50% discount for all items except accessories (brushes , sponges ,etc) , perfumes , and hair care so I decided to buy etude house cleansing oil, I already PO (Pre order) kose softymo from sasa.com but my makeup remover run out faster than I expected! So I decided to buy another one. At Etude House counter which is at Golden truly dept.store, the BA (beauty Advisor) advice me to buy the wonder pore, She said that wonder pore can remove your makeup , then when I looked around I spotted wonder pore mist bottle and ask what it is, then the BA told me that wonder pore is also good to set your makeup, so after you applied your makeup just spray the wonder pore then your makeup become more settled!  I just like, what!? how can a product that can remove your makeup can also make your makeup settled? so I just took this one , maybe I will the try wonder pore later! Let's review this cleansing oil for now!

Well, I love the packaging! Etude House always give me or we as customer a tempting packaging! And I like the way they put the pump apart from the bottle so I can take this cleansing for travel. Volume : 200ml (6.76 fl.oz) for IDR 398.000 and I got 50% so it costs IDR 199.000, I prefer to buy Shu Eumura cleansing oil actually for this cost (just need to add a little bit more money) ,but for 199.000? it's worth it.

As the picture above, open the bottle lid then change it to the pump. it's ready to use!

I just notice that the picture is pretty blur so I'll quote it :
" Cleansing oil is formulated with coconut oil to gently remove tough waterproof makeup while protection and moisturizing skin. Effectively removes the following makeup : eyeliner,mascara,lipstick,BB cream , Eye Brow"

I know that coconut oil is good for skin! When I applied this to remove my makeup I felt clean, and the oil is so watery which is I like. I made a video to told you how watery is this and until this time I don't get any breakouts or worsen my breakouts, yes! my face also can gets breakouts by a cleanser too.... 
also until now I feel my face become smoother!

Directions : Apply oil to all areas of the face. Massage thoroughly and wipe clean with cleansing tissues or rinse with warm water to remove excess

I remove my makeup with another directions actually, I put the oil on the cotton that wipe it all over my face after that I put some mineral water on the cotton and wipe it all over again to wipe out the excess. I don't know which one is the correct one but I want to saving my cleansing oil as save as possible so if I use the cotton it's much more saver and it's still cleansing my face too.

I will go to Puncak tomorrow for the last time on my long holiday before starting the next semester. I'll take this cleansing oil too.

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