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As promise on my current skincare routine post, I’ll be reviewing all products that I use daily ^^
On today’s post is cleansing oil from The Skin House that I use to remove my makeup.

The bottle is very cute in my opinion. It might look small but it’s more than enough for up to 4 months.
The Skin House is Korean brand, btw πŸ™‚

It has this lock that prevent the “accident pumping”. When I want to use it, I just remove this lock and pump the oil out onto my hand and attached the lock to secure. 
By having this lock, it makes me feel safe to bring this cleansing oil anywhere. Say no more to leaking oil!

This is my face using makeup. I’m not using heavy makeup but still, I always use foundation and the high coverage one. I am using Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk which has been my most favourite foundation of all time along with its luminous silk πŸ™‚

A full pump of this cleansing oil is enough for the entire face, add another half of pump for the neck area.
It has this fishy smell which I don’t know why  and where it comes from, but still bearable and it’s gone when I starting to massage my face. hmm, quite weird…hmm… 

I like to start from my cheeks area first. I gently massage with circular motion.

As you can see, my foundation starting to separate from my skin along with dirt and dead skin. Continue to massage your entire face, until all makeup is removed and wash your face with water, and continue to your facial wash.

Clean and fresh face after using cleansing oil.
What I like about using cleansing oil is it help to hydrate my skin also it didn’t irritate my skin at all. 

Conclusion : 
# Help to hydrate the skin 
# Clean the makeup perfectly
# Cute simple design
# Travel-Friendly

Love, Leonita
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