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I’m sorry for not updating much in April. My laptop is broken and I can’t access my data at all. I spent half a month without my laptop -_-. Anyway, I am back and on today’s post, I want to share my latest trip which was in April to Thailand.

As many of you familiar with Bangkok, Thailand, I want to introduce you to another city which is filled with many city replicas, Hua Hin. I knew this city through Thai drama. I watch Thai drama as much as Korean/Chinese drama. When I had a chance to visit Thailand this year, I dragged all my friends to this city. Yet, we are very satisfied with this city! 
SANTORINI, a city with white building is one of the “city replica” we can enjoy at Hua Hin. Located at Cha-am Hua Hin. This Santorini Park is so instagramable!
I won’t write much, as the photos speak louder than my words.haha.

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One of behind the scene, Strugling to find the perfect angle for instagram.
If you curious why I am wearing flip-flop, my sandals were broken on the first day, luckily I brought this flip-flop as a backup. (yes, I knew something will happen haha)
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when bored, just photobombed insta-famous blogger haha!
If you want to watch my whole trip to Thailand, watch it on youtube:

food inside santorini park
Thailand trip member ^^

see you on next post!

 Top: Loly Land Store
Short: Gaudi
Flip Flop: Havaianas

Love, Leonita
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