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Long awaited post for you who wants to have V shape face. I was invited by OYA Clinic to try their signature treatments which one of them is Face Contouring. 

I went to their main clinic which located at Cik Ditiro, the place is easy to spot on as it just right at the intersection. Just look for all white house ^^
When the clinic prepare my room, I wait in their VIP room. Such a lovely room! feels like home.

My treatment room also feels like home. Get really comfortable in this clinic. 

Face Contour is one of OYA clinic’s signature treatment. 
They use a cream along with this machine to burn the fat mostly along the jawline and neck (I only try their face treatment but they also have face + neck treatment).

This quite scary blade is not scary at all and the process is also painless. Approved by me the pain coward >.<
They will attach this wristlet so the machine will work in tune with my body. 
This treatment is not recommended for you who suffering with acne. Make sure all the acne calm down before doing this treatment as it will be very painful if you still suffering with acne and try this treatment. If you free from zits, irritation and pregnancy and you are good to go.
Before seeing the process, here is my before face
Sorry for the weird tone of the photo, the camera still got to used to the room lamp when the clinic help me to took this photo. If you notice, my face is a bit sagging. Of course, I don’t have a V shape face, my jawline is very hard as its all bone (like this)

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So, what OYA Clinic can help me with is reducing the fat around the blue area and as this treatment also help to tighten the skin, my sagging face will become tighten ^^
By reducing the fat around that area, my face will looks more define. 

Begin with applying this brown cream which is their “magic” cream. I like the smell of the cream it smells like sugar, coffee, caramel, yeah something like that πŸ˜€
The cream has thick consistency and as the tool massage my face from chin to cheek, the cream will gets sticky which mean the cream has adsorbed to my skin and will do their job burning the fat for the next 7 days after the treatment. 

Continue to my brow area. To make the brow lift…up…up…!
Don’t feel anything when the tool massaged my face. Only that massage sensation as we all know feels good!
Continue with mask to calming down the skin.

Final touch with moisturiser and a little massage.
Here is my after picture without edit and without my makeup.
I usually cover my dark circle because it’s quite heavy but now disappear HAHA!
No edit/filter bare face

What I see the diference before and after this treatment is my sagging skin looks tighten, my eyebrow slightly lifted.
Love how it help my makeup routine easier. I don’t need to use concealer to conceal my dark circle in this photo. Took it just right after the treatment.

Also, good news for you who read this post and my blog (thank you SO MUCH *kiss*) because you can get 50% off by using this voucher!

If you use the voucher and did the treament, please mention me on instagram as I also want to know your result after this treatment by simply mention me (@leonita) and using #lefacexleonita so others can see it too!

Love, Leonita
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