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If you subscribe my youtube channel or follow my instagram, you might stumbled with this product once. I promise to make a blog review for this product and here it is!

The size of the bottle is pretty big with big hole to let the gel out generously. 
Even though the tube is pretty big, the contain itself is only a half of the tube. I just use this exfoliator twice. One for video review and the second time was before I took all of these photos. I think that’s why the product itself is pretty affordable, around Rp 146.000 ($13) when other similar products will cost you around Rp 200.000 and up.  I think it’s quite reasonable as we don’t have to use the product much and often. 

I only neeed 2 drops of the gel (above picture is a drop of the gel) and it can cover my whole face, I have to add another drop for my neck. Recommended to use it 2 times a week. 
This product contains white mulberry skin extract, Junos orange extract, lentil, and aloe vera extract.
It also has halal logo (you can see it on my video)

Just after the application it removes my dead skin easily. doesn’t make my face irritated at all. Have you ever use exfoliator gel and the dead skin stuck in your body hair? I had and thankfuly it doesn’t happen with this product ^^
Don’t forget to watch the video below to give you more in-depth review. By reading this post and watch the video, I believe it covers all information about Naturecia Brightening Exfoliator

I like this product as it is quite hard to find non-irritated exfoliating gel for my acne-prone / sensitive skin. I like the feeling after where I feel my face completely free from residue!
Love, Leonita

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