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When cleaning our face, we tend to look for a one-go product, like…come on, who have time and energy to do all those long steps of cleansing our face! If you are one of them, I think you should try this products.

MAXCLINIC Puryfying vitamin oil foam is a cleansing foam with 3in1 function. It removes your makeup, cleansing your skin and brightening at the same time. And the other interesting point of this product is gel to oil to foam techonology, how cool is that!!!
All those little microbeads are vitamins. This vitamins can whiten and nourish and cleansing our skin at the same time.
I do really like it’s packaging. Very sophisticated and those blue and green with black colour combination give me a clean and relax feeling. The size is quite huge, contain 110g and I am pretty sure it can last up to 6 months.
I like this type of pump and there’s also a cap securing the pump. I think by adding another feature which is locking system will make it more perfect.
It comes with massage brush called Cloud Embo Massage Brush.  It has 2 sides of brushes, one with this fine and soft flower-like brush
And the other side is this silicon type of massage pad. Personally, at first I thought I’d love the brush as when I touched it, it feels freakingly soft but after I tried using it together with Maxclinic Purfying Vitamin Oil Foam, I love the massage pad than the brush. It was pretty hard to control the brush hair as it continues to move around which makes me feel this brush is kinda useless >.<
Btw, you can watch how to use this product properly here
But when I switch to the massage pad. Oh my…love the massage sensation! especially around the area of my cheek and chin. It feels a bit hurt on my forehead but when I turned it back to cheek area… *thumbs up*
As for cleansing power, I think I give this oil foam cleanser too much expectation since their technology blown me away. I tried using full makeup on like waterproof eyeliner and super bold and matte lipstick and it didn’t clean as much as I expected. But, after I search around, this product is suitable to removes light makeup not those heavy makeup of mine. But yeah, the BB cushion, eyeshadow, eyebrows that I used were perfectly removed!

Check out my demo using this Maxclinic Purfying Vitamin Oil Foam

Love, Leonita
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