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I often skin sun cream as it usually has this thick and heavy feel, not to mention the white-cast! I tend to prefer using makeup contains SPF as it more convenient. Now you know, I am a person who loves convenient products ^^. 

When I realised I got sun cream from BNTnews, I am quite hesitant to try it. not a big fan of sun cream >.<
But as I read it thoroughly, this product isn’t just a regular sun cream, it’s moisturising! Which means this also can be use as a moisturiser. Now, I am excited hehe.

Basically, I can say this is a moisturiser with SPF 50PA

After washing our face, put on toner, serum and use this Kicho Ultra Moisturising Sun Cream as moisturiser (plus sun scream) and your complete range of skincare is done
Dermatologist tested and contains 7 natural ingredient to soothe and relaxing our skin. 
I love this packaging. Simple and pump. As I tend to bring sun cream when I am travelling, I didn’t want my makeup bag filled with sun cream as the sun cream gets squeeze during the trip. With a pump, the “accidentally got squeezed” won’t occur. Oh, also got a cap to secure the pump.

The cream has this pale yellow color which is my first time having a non-super white sun cream.

Blend to the skin nicely and surprisingly light-weight and absorbs into the skin easily. Not sticky and smoothen the skin. 
The downside of this moisturising sun cream is the perfume. Oh you know how I dislike perfumed skincare and this one is quite strong T__T
I still can’t decided who will win. The efficiency of moisturising combined with sun cream or the scent contained. If you like the soapy flowery scent, you’ll love it but sorry, that’s not for me.
Anyway… you can watch my first impression of this product on my Unboxing video
Love, Leonita
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