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Another moisturiser review. BNTnews kindly sent me another products to try.
Surprisingly, I am thinking to try anti-wrinkle product as I begin to concern about wrinkle.

And when I opened their package. Here it is!  Got myself an anti-wrinkle & whitening moisturiser *I am blessed*

Basically, this moisturiser consists of oriental herbal ingredients and processed by both traditional and modern technology.
Hansaeng Bi-Gyeol Yun Cream anti-wrinkle & whitening’s  packaging is shouted Korea loudly. The bottle is made from thick glass. 
The expired date also stated perfectly.
Just like any other moisturiser, the tube comes with second lid to protect the cream.
Hansaeng Bi-Gyeol Yun Cream has this pale orange color and the scent of perfume is quite strong. I personally don’t like my skincare contains any kind of perfume as I believe my skin can’t tolerate it. 
The cream feels watery and light. 
After it adsorbed fully to the skin, I feel my skin is boosted with tons of water and it feels great. Although, I have oily skin, my skin tend to dehydrated and a boost of hydration from moisturiser is very much needed. 
There are no trace of stickiness of whatever that will make our skin uncomfortable. Happy with the consistency of the cream, the after feeling of using it but not satisfy with the perfume in it T__T
It would be so much better if this product doesn’t contain perfume.
Check out my unboxing video:

Love, Leonita
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