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epure, membranous jelly masque

Today I’m going to review my current favourite mask.
I’ve been using this mask for about 2 weeks I suppose 
Maybe for some of you are not familiar with this brand because we don’t have it in Indonesia. 
I knew this mask from bloggers who live in Malaysia, in Malaysia this mask is so so popular. This mask can make your dull skin becomes brighter, can remove your impurities like blackheads/whiteheads, balancing your uneven skin and many more, that’s what they promise to us, but is it true?
Let’s check it out !

epure, membranous jelly masque
It says that my skin will be more hydrated, more refined and brighter within just 40 minutes. How tempting, isn’t it ? 

epure, membranous jelly masque
It’s developed by Dr Yulong Moy from USA, this mask is the first of its kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor) so it retains 70% more moisture than other sheet mask, it forces the skin pores to fully absorb the nourishing ingredients while drawing out the impurities instantaneously. It also inhibit melanin synthesis, which lighters pigmention, balances uneven skin tone, leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrance.

Well, I just re-typing the sentences from the brochure above :p because it’s kinda blurry

I really like this ads, using eggs, this ads tell you the benefit using ePure membranous jelly masque

epure, membranous jelly masque
courtesy : ePure Facebook

Also they explain their main ingredients interactively so I don’t need to google what the ingredient use for 🙂

epure, membranous jelly masque
Courtesy : ePure Facebook

As you can see they included Alpa Arbutin as their main ingredient, I knew that Arbutin is for skin whitening, and you might be know that Hydroquinone is also for skin whitening which is dangerous to be use. I always ignore all the whitening stuffs because I’m afraid of the side effects. So, I do a little research (well, I’m just asking Mr. Google) about this Arbutin thingy.

The final result is this ALPA Arbutin is safe to use not like Hydroquinone. So some said that ALPA arbutin is good to be use but not arbutin because arbutin can turns into hydroquinone.

epure, membranous jelly masque
So done talking about arbutin.lol.

epure, membranous jelly masque

Made in Taiwan, hmm… same country with my beauty diary mask haha. Are Taiwanese people really like using mask? because they have a lot of good quality masks. lol.
(Again sorry for the blur, sometimes my camera can be really suck)

I bought the jar one which contains 8.5 fl oz/ 250ml. They also have the box packaging but because I live in Indonesia and they can’t shipped to here, I choose the jar one.
epure, membranous jelly masque

The masque always come with spatula.

epure, membranous jelly masque
As you can tell from its name, it’s a gel texture mask. This is the first time I tried gel mask. I think it’s quite hard to find gel mask, isn’t it?

epure, membranous jelly masque

The gel is so thick, you even can turn it upside down and it doesn’t fall off haha.

And now, the tutorial how to use it.

1. Wash your face, I use warm water to open my pores which I think the mask will adsorb better to my skin :p
2. Add your favorite toner, use your favourite serum for better effect

epure, membranous jelly masque

3. Apply the mask with the spatula, use the spatula to evenly mask the whole face with thickness 0.3 – 0.5cm. Apply more onto tip of nose, T-zone and pigment areas.
In this step, don’t forget to apply it thick! and thicker to the problem areas (I will tell you why later 😛 )

Has to be this thick 😀

epure, membranous jelly masque

4. Wait 30 – 40 minutes, and this is how the gel looks like

epure, membranous jelly masque
Where’s the gel gone? ahh, it’s already adsorb into my skin .lol.
The gel that gone missing is where I have problems with like acne, large pores and blackheads. So this is the reason why you must apply it thick. So now I know that my problematic areas “were” having dehydration and they need water haha.
epure, membranous jelly masque
5. Scrape off  mask gently with a downward motion, after that rinse off throughly and pat dry.
Another tips from me, when I’m rinsing off the mask, I pour tap water to my face then gently massage my face with the water + gel leftover because I don’t wanna waste my gel :p and also it feels so good…
6. Apply toner and complete your skin care regime like usual.
also another tips, after that I rub ice cube all over my face to ‘close’ my pores.
For oily skin type, we must use it 2 – 3 times a week 
For Dry skin type use it 1 – 2 times a week 
I’ve been using this mask for 6 times (2 weeks, 3 times a week), let’s see the result whether the ads is true or false.
First time trying ePure 
Before applying :
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after

I tried using Naturactor foundation which is also so popular right now because of it’s so full coverage, and after that my breakouts gone crazy (I just tried it one time btw, just that afternoon to meet my friend to get this mask.lol)

As you can see on the corner of my hair line, all bumpy T__T , oh my poor face….

epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
after using ePure :
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
The redness slightly better and the one that make me “wow” is notice the bump at my forehead near the hairline ? the next day it’s gone haha. 
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
Well, my face do looks brighter, doesn’t it? 
my face also feel suppler after that.
and let’s continue from day 2 using it until the day before yesterday
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
(second attempt)
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
sorry for the crazy hair.lol
(third attempt)
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
after rinsing off, I squeezed my pimples so my cheeks looks sooo bright red T_T and it becomes scar which is still remains until now T____T
(Forth attempt)
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
(fifth attempt)
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
took the it with flash 🙂 so it give us more “details” or we can say more flaw haha
(sixth attempt) which is the day before yesterday
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after
I know that the photo from 6 attempt looks worsen than the other days, it’s because I directly took the picture after rubbing ice cubes so some parts get redden because of its cold
Do you want to know my true skin color?
epure, membranous jelly masque,before after

 My hand is my actual skin color, but look at my face haha. my hand looks like another person hand because the skin tone really not match. because I use so many acne treatment, my face has red tone T_T . So, I hope by using this ePure I can get back to my actual skin tone.

Btw, when I’m using this mask (2 weeks) I didn’t use any acne medication at all so I can know if this mask suit with my skin or not

Conclusion :
I really like this mask, like I said at the top of this post, this is my current favourite mask.
It doesn’t break me out and the most important thing is it’s also reduce my acne *yeay*
My skin looks brighter, for now it has rosy glow not the white pale face, and then my skin is suppler less blackheads and my large pores shrinking.
Using this mask also less painful (read : compare using acne medication), oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, when I put this mask some of my blemishes get itchy for a little.
For the price is quite expensive but I think it’s worth it.
Also I heard from ePure that they are planning to come to Indonesia before end of this 2013.
You can check their facebook page to know them better I think.

Follow my Instagram to my skin condition for the next few days

Also if you interest to buy it, maybe you can contact me (leonita_nerisa@yahoo.com), I will help you to order it, for Indonesia Resident only 🙂

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