• How to make a temporary bangle

    Hi! Hi! I’ll tell you how to make a temporary bangle. It’s very easy. What you need :   1. Knit wool yarn 2. Scissors 3. Scotch tape  4. Your own bangle  Directions :  1. Tie the yarn(look at the picture!) 2. Stick the yarn tip with scotch tape (Look at the picture!) 3. Begin to wrap the bangle tightly. Keep wrapping until it looks good. 🙂 4. When you’re finish wrapping your bangle, stick the yarn’s tip again with the scotch tape.(Look at the picture!) Since we are using the scotch tape to stick the yarn, we can change the yarn freely : ) MY TEMPORARY BEE BANGLE

  • Perfumes Parade

    I’m sorry I don’t post anything yesterday 🙁I was really exhausted yesterday. Now, I wanna show you my perfumes collection 🙂I love perfumes like MUCH! I love them since I was just a little innocent girl *really?? ‘_’ * This The One by Dolce & Gabbana. I saw it on my cable TV then I fell in love with this perfume on the first sight. It almost empty, I use it almost everyday and my mom always borrow it! I really don’t know why, but this perfume smells really expensive! I feel like a billionaire when I use this.  : P The One by Dolce & Gabbana This is Fantasy…

  • New Shoes AGAIN

    Today, My Forever21 shoes that I ordered from my own online shop Loly Story Shop arrived It’s cost $27.80 Forever21 ankle boots,Zara TRF sportwear pants 8.0″ total height x 2.7″ heel breast (3.5″ back heel height) My lil brother took this pic! My younger brother jevin (we called him Jeje) helped me take the pic! He’s so smart. He’s just 4 years old! Imagine that. I’m proud of him (^0^/) Hello Kitty,Chat,Halloween silly bandz I’m a huge fan of shoes! I love HEELS. I love wearing them, they can make me feel confident,sexy?,and taller…hehehe Btw, On Monday  I’ll have a performance. I have to play flute,singing and reading a poetry…