Finally have time to make a post… October flew just like that >.< Last month was hectic for me because I had to take care my company’s first ever event and thankfully…. it was successful ~(^^)~ Sooo…. I haven’t told you what I do for the last 4 months, well… this post is not about it, I will make a special post for it some other time, okay? Did some photoshoot for my work as well and I think I need to post it on my blog hhehehe. This is what I wore that day  As I mention on my previous post, my work is related to Japan so this…


    I went to Jak-Japan Matsuri couple weeks ago…. If you following my instagram…you will know that I went there hihiihi….if you haven’t follow me on instagram, do follow ^^  I haven’t tell you guys, that my work now related to Japan too, so… I think for now this blog will get lot of Japanese stuffs I guess…. Behind me is the Bon Odori *do I spell it right?* When Yushi attended the Matsuri in Japan… you can see it in here . I got a chance to visited Matsuri in Jakarta :p Anyway…. This is what I wore at Matsuri. Got this kawaii legging/stocking/socks from Born Pretty Store, and no other…


    Made it to make the last post for August…yeayy ^^ Truthfully, I have lots of product review that I needed to post. Somehow I find my camera quality becoming lower and lower >.<  really need to save up some money to buy more decent camera…. *good luck for mee~* This is what I wear to Kiehls Grand Opening on Saturday… event report ? soon 😀 Got the skirt from Jesslyn as my birthday gift…Thank you :)) She used the same skirt too but with different pattern….hahahaha Went to baywalk for some snacks after Kiehls event and to snapped these photos.lol I’m getting annoyed with my hair color and hair roots…


      This is what I wear at Glamglow event last week Actually, I have nothing to wear and lately I love wearing black. Add a little yellow belt to match my hair :p Skull Ring  : (X) S.M.LSnake & Heart wingRing : Singapore’s shop Bracelet : Forever21 Top : Unbranded Leggings : Unbranded White Bag : BerryBenka ( Bagquire ) Shoes : INTAKO ( at Sidoarjo ) Yellow Belt : Forever21


    It’s been so long, updating my blog. I don’t know what to say, I ended up keep deleting sentences because it just feel… wrong. lol Went to Market & Museum, and actually I think this is my first time ? hmm, as I remember it is, usually I just passing by this crowded event.  Turtle Ring : Forever21Snake Ring : Singapore’s shop Bracelet : Online Shop Necklace : Dresslily Top : Unbranded Skort : BerryBenka White Bag : BerryBenka ( Bagquire ) Shoes : Perfected By Leonita


    Okay, I want to publish this post last night…but I was on lazy mode yesterday.lol if you follow me on Instagram, you knew that I went to JFFF ( Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival ) two weeks ago. I threw all my project for a while to attend this event 🙂 I watched Trendology fashion show by POPULO Batik, Friederich Herman, Rinda Salmun, Stella Rissa, Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan, Patrick Owen for the Fall/Winter collection Love all the collection, it’s so wearable  I managed to capture some collection for you… Friederich Herman  This event is organised by B Blog Indonesia ( www.bblog.web.id ) and sponsored by Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2014…


    I attended JFFF ( Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival ) at Harris Hotel, Kelapa Gading yesterday. Actually, this is my first time attended JFFF. The fashion show I attended will be aired soon 🙂 But first, let me show you, what I wore yesterday… I love this matching top & skirt for the first time I seen it. Holly thanks, it fits me perfectly because this top & skirt just come in one size….  It’s kinda a little treat for me because it’s like almost a month, I didn’t dress up or do a proper makeup because of my univ project, oh. If you wondering, my project still have one…


    Went to Grand Indonesia after attending an event on sunday. Currently in mood wearing skirt.  Took a time to visit one of my favourite store Forever21 ( as I mention on my previous post ). tempted to get one of the scarf ( or maybe two ) but remembering about the weather outside.. hmm…. Bunny Ring : from Australia Bracelet : Forever21 Sequin Collar Top : Cloth Inc Yellow Belt : Forever21Skirt : Unbranded Studded Sling Bag : Unbranded Shoes : Custom made 


    Taken at Lotte Shopping Avenue, after Shu Uemura event. I picked avant garde theme for Shu Uemura makeup competition. Avant Garde ( French ) : are people or works that are experimental or innovative ( wikipedia ) I change my hair colour for quite awhile now ( I updated it on my instagram, do follow @leonitane ), quite eye catching. In person, the colour is not as yellow as in the picture, it’s more to pale yellow ( almost white ). What do you think ? I’m thinking to insert a colourful hair colour. Sounds fun   Tried Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation and their infamous eyebrow pencil, and I love…


    Last saturday I went to Bioderma skin Class ( event report soon ^^ ) Their dress code is green… actually, that day the weather quite sunny but in the afternoon it starting to rain Currently love using multiples of bracelet. Got these bracelet from Infare ( has anyone notice my eyebrows ? I don’t why in the photo one of them is darker, lighting factor? ) Sweater : ZaraJeans : Forever21Belt : UnbrandedSelma Messenger Bag : Michael KorsRings : Forever21Bracelet : ChrisnoviashopHeels : BerryBenka