• Tips Mix-Match Printed Tee

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      Suka bingung gak sih punya banyak kaos tapi kok kayaknya style gini-gini aja ya… aku pun sering begitu, tapi lama kelamaan aku mulai belajar untuk nge-mix and match kaos-kaos agar aku gak beli baju lagi dan lagi, hanya karena cuma tahu 1 atau 2 style yang bisa dipakai. Nah, aku mau share nih beberapa style inspiration yang mungkin kamu bisa coba. cek tipsnya disini ya: Tips Mix-Match Printed Tee   All photos thanks to Milotic Studio     

  • The Versatile Straight Pants

    Untuk menjadi stylish, tidak melulu harus bergonta-ganti baju dan celana di setiap kesempatan kok! Ada beberapa item yang cukup versatile yang bisa kamu gunakan di segala kesempatan, salah satunya straight pants atau celana panjang. Apa aja sih tampilan yang bisa kamu peroleh dengan bermodal 1 celana panjang?     Office Look Mau tetap tampil modist saat bekerja atau menghadiri acara formal? Celana panjang bisa menjadi pilihan yang tepat. Baca tips selengkapnya disini!


     Showing you my new dress from Love, Bonito. Great for formal occasions and casual hangout as well. Love, Bonito is a fashion brand from Singapore and now expanding to Indonesia. You can access their website at www.lovebonito.co.id. As an avid online shopper, Love, Bonito website is super easy and fast. Just search the items you want to buy, pick your size and color you desire and add to cart. After that, you can click on the cart icon and there will be list of items you already pick,and you can continue to checkout and complete your payment. There’s also free shipping and one day service by local courier. It will…

  • TRESemmé THE RUNAWAY 2016

    Sabtu lalu, aku menghabiskan malam minggu nonton final TRESemmé The Runway 2016 bareng FIMELA ^^ Aku udah sampai dari jam 6 dan acaranya mulai sekitar jam 7. Di final kali ini akan ada 100 finalist yang dipilih dari kompetisi #RunwaySelfie di Instagram. Pemenangnya akan menjadi TRESemmé Digital Face 2017, Beasiswa modelling school selama & persedian TRESemmé selama 1 tahun! Top: Cotton On Skirt: Something Borrowed Bag: H&M Socks: Tutuanna Shoes: Zalora TRESemmé Salon Repair Collection with Velove Vexia & Patricia Gouw (Asia Next Top Model) Berikut para finalis yang berhasil berjalan di TRESemmé The Runaway 2016 Disela-sela runway ada hair demo oleh Hair Expert Kiefer Lippens.Btw, selama acara musik-musik dari DJ Hogi, Rock & Roll Mafia enak-enak banget!Plus ada penampilan…


    I’m sorry for not updating much in April. My laptop is broken and I can’t access my data at all. I spent half a month without my laptop -_-. Anyway, I am back and on today’s post, I want to share my latest trip which was in April to Thailand. As many of you familiar with Bangkok, Thailand, I want to introduce you to another city which is filled with many city replicas, Hua Hin. I knew this city through Thai drama. I watch Thai drama as much as Korean/Chinese drama. When I had a chance to visit Thailand this year, I dragged all my friends to this city. Yet,…


    Last holiday, I travel to the nearest mountain with fellow friends which some of them are bloggers so I took a chance to took some outfit pictures ^^v I hope we have many garden or outdoor spaces like this in the city, so we don’t have to travel far from our home 🙁 Photos taken in Japanese Garden at Taman Bunga Nusantara, Puncak, Jawa Barat. I love this thematic garden because it has various pastel flower and little huts so we can have a nice chit-chat surrounded by flowers. A very rarely ambience for us, city people 🙁 This how we usually took our picture for the sake of social…


    Just showing you my outfit when I went to X-Factor Indonesia’s event weeks ago. Luckily to made it to snapped some photos because I’m on the rush with the 3in1 time near Sudirman-Thamrin T_T Gladly, I survived *wohoo* hahhaha Also, spending a little time to do what we called “photo stock type” snap hahahhaa Btw, I look fatter with this dress when I look at it again, or maybe it’s just me who really is getting fatter T__T Dress : H&M Bag : Michael Kors Shoes  : Unbranded Love, Leonita Facebook      |     Instagram    |    Twitter   |    Ask.fm


    I haven’t done with my Singapore post :p Actually, we don’t really dressed up for the trip even tough I brought many clothes. But…as usual, I packed the night before the trip began so I just put everything that I saw and grabbed when packing and many times the clothes that I packed is neither fitted with the weather nor places :p Strolling around Orchard Road with this outfit and my new bag that I just bought the day before I took these photos.    Take a break by drank melon milk 🙂 By the way… if you haven’t follow my Instagram (@leonitane), please do follow ^^ also if you…


    if you following my Instagram (if you haven’t, follow here 😀 ), probably you knew that I went to Singapore with my friend, Jean. So, these pictures captured by Jean, thank you ^^ Before we went to Madame Tussaud SG, we took a little time to capture our outfit at Sentosa So, if you curious about Madame Tussaud, keep checking my blog because it will be on my next post ^^ T-shirt : H&M Camera Clutch : Forever New Socks :  Tutuanna Shoes  : Pul & Bear Love, Leonita Facebook      |     Instagram    |    Twitter   |    Ask.fm


    Gosh, I can’t believe I just skipped February >.<  I have tons of posts I need to post, hopefully I can post all of it by this month *cheer up* So…back to the main topic of this post. You must know the newest department store located at Grand Indonesia. Central created an event called “Central Designers Soiree 2015”, collaborating with 8 talented Indonesian Designer to represent their newest collection. The eight designers that participated on this event are Danjyo Hiyoji, Ivan Gunawan, Iwan Tirta, Jeffry Tan, Stella Rissa, Tri Handoko, Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan and Yosep Sinudarsono.  All collection of these designers are available at Central Department Store in Grand Indonesia. …