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Believe it or not, I usually don’t use any makeup base on my makeup routine. 
I usually prefer to pick long wear foundation. But, back when I learn about putting makeup, the first thing I bought was makeup base.

My chosen type of base is always correcting base primer. As you know, I have lots of redness because of acne and by using color correcting base before any makeup, my redness will disappear, which sometimes my high coverage foundation can’t help me to cover it (I often get irritation which causing redness). This time, BNTnews sent me a makeup base which also has color correcting function. I got the blue one. 
Has botanical ingredient and contained a very important ingredient to proceed sun protect.
Btw, the box itself is too cheap looking so, I didn’t take a picture of it. 

It has this tiny capsule ball which make this base so cute ^^
It comes with a pump and I usually use 2 pumps for my entire face and another pump for neck.
For the first time pumping this base, it only has this very light blue color. But, after several pumping, the color of this base is same as the color of the capsule in it. That little tiny capsules bursting and blended with the clear gel when we pumped it. (Oh, sorry…I don’t really know how to describe it T__T hope you can understand what I mean.hehe)
It has this velvety finish after using this makeup base. As for the color correcting effect, blue is responsible to fix our shallow face. I never try blue color corrector as it’s quite uncommon, right?! But, I can tell there’s a little difference with and without using this blue makeup base. I don’t really know if people around me notice that my skin becomes a little radiant or not but as the wearer, well…I think my skin becomes a little bit radiant.HAHA.
But, I recommended this primer/base with your bb cream or bb cushion. Because when I tried to combine these two, OMG! my complexion….love it!
Gives me natural glowing skin without being to oily (as usually when I use BB cushion / BB Cream, my skin still looks to oily for my preference). It also helps to prevent any oiliness through the day (about 8 hours) compared to using BB cushion/BB Cream alone (usually my face stay oil-free for about 5 hours).

Price: 47.000 KRW (approx. RP 539.000)

Love, Leonita

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