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Things I often use are rarely up for review in this blog (that doesn’t mean, I don’t use the product that I had reviewed ya!), These products are everywhere (read: bag, car, mom’s room), so sometimes the aesthetics of the product is long gone 🙁
These couple years, I try to take care of my belongings more organize and prettily, so I can take a good picture of it and review in on this blog! 

Yushi bought this in Japan for me. It’s has a coral hint in real life. The packaging is simple, Japanese typical.

Mine is in PW25. It has a generous amount of glitter. I use this blush a little bit higher (above the cheekbone to my cheeckbone) because it will give me a nice cheerful & bright effect. 

When I go out, this blush is my choice to be kept on my bag. I usually wore a small bag, and this blush is so tiny and the brush is included and pretty decent.

It’s good for natural makeup because the blush has sheer pigmentation and the glitters are not sparkly hence it gives me a nice glow. Because it has a hint of coral, it doesn’t appear too pink on my cheek. I don’t really suitable with true pink product 🙁
If I want to have a pink cheek, this is my go to blush on!

Conclusion :
# PW25 is a pink coral blush on
# Good amount of glitters (fine glitters)
# Suitable for everyday makeup
# Compact, easy to be carried around 
# sheer pigmentation

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Love, Leonita
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