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Before I went to Thailand this early March, I rushed to Everlash Lash Expert to get my lashes done. 
Mrs. Yuli from Everlash contacted me to try their eyelash extension which is claimed waterproof and oilproof! hmm...really suitable to be tested out in Thailand's beautiful beaches and hot humid weather. Let's check it out!

The place is easy to spot on. Located at Jl. Keramat Pela No.8, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. I used waze as I don't really familiar with this area, just type: "everlash lash expert" on waze.

The salon is very feminine and lady-like. I love how they designed their salon. But, I must warned you first as you can see, there are only 4 beds in this salon, so I recommend to make a reservation first if you want to try their services. 

Everlash Lash Expert using only Novalash Eyelashes. NovaLash is an American brand which its glue is approved by FDA. The lashes also 100% synthetic, makes it lighter, more elastic, durable and protein-free.

As I mention before, It is also waterproof and oilproof. These 2 advantages are my main interest. As you know, I tried eyelash extension before (read my previous review of eyelash extension at Tokyo Belle). When I use it, My eyes area have to stay away from the water. So, when Everlash said that their lashes are waterproof and I can use it for swimming even go to sauna, I find it very interesting. 

Let's jump on to the process, shall we?!

My eyelashes before getting eyelash extension. Mrs. Yuli firstly checked my lashes condition. She said my lashes are very healthy. In Everlash, every customer's lashes will be checked by the technician to ensure their lashes will get the best lashes after.

In Everlash, they never glued the extension to the skin. The extension will be glued about 1mm away from the eyelid as this is one of mandatory skill from NovaLash. By doing this, you will get more natural eyelashes. 

As I am using contact lenses, they asked me to take it off during the extension process as part of SOP. They prepare contact lens container and solution. 

Begin with attaching NovaLash gel patches to cover my lower lashes during eyelash extension process. This gel patch also soothes my undereye.

The extension will be glued on my natural lashes, about 1mm away from the eyelid. So, the result will appear natural. I choose B-curl with Sexy Marilyn look. Longer extension will be placed at the corner of my eyes to achieve that sexy eyes *wink wink*

After glued all the extension, the technician separated any clustered eyelashes and spray air to help the glue dry and if the lashes still need to be fixed or retouch, the technician will repair and repeat this step again. This is their quality control technique. 

After the "quality control", The technician will spray water to the lashes and dry it to ensure the extension and my lashes bonded perfectly.

Here is the result. You can see, which one my real lashes and which one is the extension, right?!

After that, I am off to Thailand! Yeayy (will make a post about it)
By using eyelash extension, I save more time while doing makeup ^^

Just add a wing of eyeliner for eye area on this look. 

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I didn't really swim on the beach but I did swim in the pool. I don't feel any sting or discomfort when playing in the water or when I take a shower. But, the lashes at the outer corner repeatedly falling down when it gets wet, I think because it quite long nothing serious though.

How about the price? Don't worry, I get it for you! ^^

And here is the eyelash condition a week ago. About 3 weeks after I get the extension. Still intact but some of it already come off. I mostly find it in the morning. 

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I have "rubbing eye" habit when I get up from bed. I often rubbed my eyes when I get up and remember I have eyelash extension on. You have to remember, as strong as the glue is, our little hands still their heaviest enemy, so make sure you don't rub and play with your eyelash extension!

If you want to know more about Everlash Lash Expert, you can go to their instagram (@everlash_lash_expert) or visit their website : www.everlash.id for more in-depth information.

OPEN from Tuesday - Friday at 11.00 - 19.00
Saturday - Sunday at 9.00 - 17.00
Monday : CLOSED

Love, Leonita
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