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Last Saturday I was invited by Caring Colours to attend their 'Young Caring Professional Award 2013' final and press conference.

I had so much fun at there. The event started from 12.00 p.m to 22.00 p.m at JS LuwansaHotel & Convention Center. Imagine that! One day with Caring Colours. They have photo booth, bazaar, inspirational speakers, and mini concert with local & international singers.

(Video and mini concert at the end of post)

Downstairs is for press & blogger registration. And they have this huge board to show to us the YCPA 2013 finalist.

Move upstairs is the venue. The theme is a touch of pink, so many women (and men) wearing pink colours. 

They even provide orchestra to fill the room with music. I love classic.....

We always hanging around social media monopoly. It's very interesting, you just roll the dice, see what  number comes up and you have to do what the board written, like make tweets, instagram, share on facebook, something like that. You will get cute pens (the SPG holding it) every time you do it. 

After that move to ballroom to see Young Caring Professional Award 2013's finalist and continue to speakers event. 

Firstly, opening speech by Dr. Martha Tilaar herself. At first I thought she's a strict woman but I was wrong, she's so fun.

Caring Colours is created as makeup - skincare products. They use natural active ingredients for their products. As you can know, how good will our face if we use natural ingredients. It will give nutrition & take care our healthy skin.

Wearing makeup now is part of women' lifestyle, and Caring Colours also want to be part of it because they care about us, woman :D

This YCPA competition is also one of Caring Colours' roles in attention to women who are pioneering their career, by giving appreciation to young professional women & entrepreneurs that outstanding & inspiring at the same time as fit in Young Caring Professional Award's vision & mission.

Such an inspire to me :p

Then I stayed awhile listening Chef Degan who's one of Masterchef Indonesia's judges. Sorry for the blur photo. I sat so far away so I zoomed the camera, ended up like this T__T (really need to buy samsung galaxy camera.lol)

After that I went downstairs to eat because I'm starving that time, so ended up missed couples of speakers event. 

Also can't see Mara Sophie singing and Surabaya's mayor which is a very famous people around architecture students at my university.

Making my own lipstick :p 

Took photo with bloggers that came that day 

After that I attend the press conference, and this is the first time I'm attending actual press conference. I usually see it on series, where the pers keep asking questions on and on, and so much tension in the room , in real life, none of them is true (well, in this one is not). It's just like a regular conversation. Chit chatting, laughing, joking, giving some information, asking question, and door prize haha. 
Well the only same thing is the "click click" sound from cameras every single minute. lol.

After that, we got our own mini concert! So, it's already at 22.00 p.m, all visitors already gone because it's already close for public, so just bloggers & press in there for press conference. So we were treated with our own mini concert from all performers that day. They are The Groove, Improvindo and Caring new endorser Mara Sophie (International singer).

They picked International singer because Caring Colours also want to go International. *yeay*
We will be so proud if people overseas wearing our local brand !

It was so late, so I and other bloggers just stayed awhile and after that went home. 
So, I just have The Groove performance because they were the first performer.

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